Sign in to Email Desktop Gold and Manage your usernames

Email desktop is one of the most secured and enhanced versions of the mailing arena. Email Gold is the premium version of Email emails. It has a lot of cool features that lure people for using it over the other mailing giants such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, and others. Although using the Email Desktop Gold is an easy task but something when it starts to misbehave the username problems occurs the most.

Email Gold offers a variety of features and when it comes to signing options. Users can choose any of those, ranging from alternate email IDs, OTP on mobile and more. Let’s have a look at how can we easily add a username to the Email Gold:

  • Firstly launch the Email Desktop Gold.
  • Now there will be a sign-in screen that you will get in front of you as soon as you click there.
  • Now you will have to punch in your credentials. And while doing this, you should be very careful so that you don’t mistype anything. Doing so will pose problems and will restrict you from logging in.
  • Now if you are still not added or are new to this software, then add a new username by clicking on the section beneath the password.
  • After you have typed in your username now just get yourself a password. Once done with all of this successfully, your account will be created

Later to this you can re-launch the browser again and now sign in using your account ID and password. The Email Gold like other mail providers gives a very comfortable “switch username” option as well. It helps the person in using two different accounts alternately.

For this, all you have to do is click on the sign in button, and punch your username with the password of the other account.

For more information on any of the above-discussed topics, you can always contact the Email Desktop Gold Software with the number provided on the website.

The Email Desktop Gold is one place that provides everything. It is good to use and makes things smooth while you are online. And that too without compromising with your security. If you are not aware of the two times check system of the browser then do check it because all you need to do is punch in your password and your things are safe and sound.


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