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To share documents with full security and safety nothing is better than email services. Nowadays email service is not only limited to share information but it has more features. There are many email service providers in America, including Optimum mail. The email service of Optimum is amazing as well as user-friendly. For customers of Optimum mail, it has various features which make it popular. On the contrary, plenty of hassles make users annoy. Well, if users of this email want they can find a solution. There is no need to confuse “How can you solve email problem.” The customer care team is always present to resolve the Optimum email problem. Via Optimum technical support number users can resolve all issues related to email. For those who are looking for Optimum email solution, this page would be helpful. Just below some technical problems and their solution are given. If you are facing any trouble one of them, try to solve it via steps of the solution.

Problem: How to fix when email won’t send mail?

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Solution: When the users of Optimum face problem because of they unable to send an email. They can apply steps given here, maybe they will fix this email issue. If they couldn’t troubleshoot then they can get the help from experts. Via Optimum tech support number users can find the solution immediately.

  1. First of all, ensure you have a good network connection.
  2. Check your draft folder, maybe message save as draft.
  3. Clean all browsing history and temporary files, because these files also conflict the mail.
  4. Make sure you have entered a right email address or email address is available.

Problem: How to solve sign in error of Optimum email?

Solution: There are some users who get an error while sign in, even with correct username & password. If the same condition occurs with you, try the simple steps given here and fix sign in problem.

  1. Check and make sure the username and password you are using are
  2. Check if you have trouble with the network, therefore you are getting a conflict with email.
  3. Remove the temporary files and caches from your device. Temporary files may be the reason for email issues.
  4. Try to access your account from the different
  5. If you are still getting the sign in error ask customer care for a solution. Use Optimum customer care number which is always open to resolve email issues.


Problem: How to download/open attachment files from Optimum mail?

Solution: Usually users of Optimum email complain that when they try to open the email, they get an error. This situation may occur due to security features of email. If you have to download some important document, follow the steps given here.

  1. Try once to download the attachment file.
  2. Open the email and click on the file which you want to download.
  3. If a problem occurs while download, go to the mail setting and disable the security options.
  4. Again try to download and open the file.
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Problem: How to recover forgotten email password?

Solution: If you have forgotten the email password and need to recover it. It would be very difficult if you don’t have alternative email or security option. In this case, you require using Optimum customer support number. If your email has security option/ alternative email you can recover it. Follow the instructions given here.

  1. Open the browser on your device and go to the Optimum email page.
  2. On the mail page tap to “Forget email password” and open it.
  3. Here you will get a box require to enter email ID.
  4. Enter the Optimum email here and click on the option “Forget password.”
  5. You will get prompt, follow the prompts.

Problem: How to report the spam email?

Solution: The mail Optimum has spam email filters but although sometimes users receive the bulk of email. If you are stuck due to bulk spam mail and want to report. There is the way to do it. You just need to apply given step and you will successfully report the spam email.

  1. Click and open the Optimum email icon.
  2. Go to the setting and activate the security option.
  3. Now open the spam mail by click on it.
  4. Scroll the email and below the email, you will get and the option of “Report the email.”
  5. Click on the “Report the email” option and open it.

The team of technical support will provide all kind of email solution. You can use Optimum customer service number which is always reachable. Via this toll-free number, it is easy to get the solution to email 24 X 7. The dedicated team of experts provides their service day & night to resolve email issues of customers.