QuickBooks is a known name in the field of accounting as everyone who is related to finance in any manner requires QuickBooks to ease out the routine work. It is quite easy to use in comparison of other available accounting software in the market. You might confront with some error while entering a voided checks in QuickBooks then no need to worry as you can get the complete solution over here and you have to just follow the steps provided in instruction. In case you failed to follow the steps then you have another option in the form of QuickBooks Online Support Number where you will get help from the certified experts within a short period of time.

How to enter a voided check in QuickBooks:

If you want to enter a voided check for the sake of maintaining records within QB, then the following steps will help you do that:

  1. To start the process to get the solution, you have to first record a check entry as you normally do in routine and then just click on the (+)
  2. After that, you are required to select a checkfrom the predefined options.
  3. Now in this step, you can see a new window and here you have to Provide all the infowhich are related to a check, this will include-:
    1. Bank account,
    2. Date at the time of writing a check,
  • Check number,
  1. Your own account from which the check will be withdrawn etc.
  1. After the previous step you have to just scroll down to the bottom of your screen and then you need to click on the more
  2. Now here you have to choose to click on the void
  3. Finally, you have to click on yes buttonto the warning message and then you will be all good.

The instruction which is provided above for resolving the issue of entering a voided checks in QuickBooks. You have ensured it that you have followed the steps properly in order to resolve the issue. If you couldn’t resolve the issue by following the steps then there is another way to sort out the issues through QuickBooks Customer Support Number where certified experts will assist you.

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