aol desktop gold

AOL Desktop Gold is browser software which has more secure and faster than before. It optimized the speed of broadband internet. Earlier the AOL Desktop Gold had AOL Gold, AOL 7.0, AOL 9.7, AOL 9.8 and AOL browser for better browsing options which modified by its developers to provide safe and secure browsing. The browser software AOL desktop gold has updated its feature for customers help. If you have older version and want to install or update new AOL Desktop Gold then you can easily, but if stick with any problem then call on AOL Desktop Gold tech support number which is available for all user every time. New updates of its latest version has following benefits:

  • Automatic updates of version: The latest version has access to AOL email, browsing sites and occupied less space in device comparison to older version by automatic replacement.
  • Use advanced technology:  The advanced technology of AOL Desktop Gold save customers time and working performance because it has improved speed and performance. As well as it avoid errors and frequent crashes of browser.
  • Font and text options: New version has option of customized text and font size, which allow users to personalize their style by use of this feature.
  • Hi-tech security feature: The AOL Desktop Gold has feature of two screen verification which prevent hacking or compromised your account from cyber threats.
  • Easy to install: The option of installation is simple, it has few steps for download and install.  Few steps of installation process save customers time.
  • Not difficult to use: Latest version has designed similar to previous pattern which make feel comfortable to users without learning curve.

If you are AOL users and using its old version then replace it by AOL Desktop Gold which has latest features and customer friendly updates. To keep your device secure and safe from cyber threats install latest version and take advantage. In case of facing issues related to this browser which you find unable to fix by yourself dial AOL Desktop Gold technical support number where team of expert will help you to fix your problem. Customers can take advantage of this service 24×7.

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