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Printers are the computer-related devices which convert the typescript of the computer into physical form on paper. Over the world, there are many printer manufacturing companies’ design and market printer products. There are various printer models launched by these companies including Brother’s Industries. This is a Japanese multinational industry which provides various printer models with high efficacy. Although the brother printers possess ultimate quality printing features, on the contrary, it has serious printing issues. Well, for customers of Brother Printer tech support team is always ready to fix their problems. Through Brother Printer technical support number users can reach to experts to find a solution. The experts of customer care are 24 X 7 ready to solve printer issues for customers.

If you are users of Brother Printer and want a solution for printing issues. You are on the right page because here you will get a solution for Brother Printer’s issues. There are some general issues described with a solution. Hope this information will help you to solve printer problem.

brother printer  customer support

Problem 1: How to fix ink level in Brother Printer?

Solution: When users change the ink cartridge or refill the ink in brother printer. The metal chip doesn’t recognize the new cartridge. Therefore users of Brother Printers need to set the ink level of the printer.

  1. Open the frontal door of brother printer, where you insert the cartridge.
  2. Buy a pin-like a tool called universal cheap resetting device.
  3. Remove the ink cartridge outside of the printer
  4. Place it on a paper to avoid ink to spread.
Problem 2: How to solve paper jam issues of the printer?

Solution: For all printer users paper jamming is a very common problem. To avoid the paper jam users can replace the printer roller. To solve this problem users can get the help of customer care team. By Brother Printer tech support number you can get expert’s advice. For the instant solution of paper jamming problem follow the instructions given here.

  1. To remove the jammed papers you need to open the frontal door of the device.
  2. Hold the jammed paper by both hands and pull out.
  3. Make sure there are no pieces of paper stuck in the printer.

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Problem 3: How to turn on the Brother printer, when it shows an error?

Solution: If your printer suddenly turns off and you are not getting its reason. Here you need to follow the sets of the solution to find the problem. If you are confused and not getting the way how to turn on the printer. Use Brother Printer customer care number which is always available to solve printing problem.

  1. To turn on the printer make sure you have a power If there is an issue with the power your printer will not turn on.
  2. Remove the cable back from the printer, also remove the USB or other hardware devices attached to the printer.
  3. Wait for a while and plug the cables again to printer and connecter.
  4. Try to turn on the printer once again.

Problem 4: How to install Brother Printer?

Solution: New users of Brother Printer face problem to install it due to advanced technology. If you are unable to install printer due to lack of knowledge, don’t worry. You can try the simple steps given here.

  1. First of all, you need to open the computer with you want to connect your printer.
  2. Insert the Brother Printer CD which you get with the printer at the time of purchase.
  3. Run the CD and go to the control panel of the computer.
  4. Select the network and let it search.

Problem 5: How to set print spooler in Brother Printer?

Solution: The print spooler is part of the printer which receives the printing job. If you are getting an error due to print spooler, you can fix it. Following steps will help you to set the print spooler.

  1. Tap the start menu and type “Services.msc” & press enter.
  2. Scroll down and select the option of “Print spooler.”
  3. Double click to open the option and press “Stop” for temporary stop the spooler
  4. Again click the start button to reset the printer spooler.

Whenever you face printing problem or your printer shows errors. Without any hesitation, you can ask the tech support team to rectify the printer problem. With the help of Brothers Printer technical support number, you can concern professionals. Through the customer care team, you can fix any kind of printer error. If you want a solution for your Brother Printer, just take help of tech support team. The experts of customer care are 24 X 7 available to resolve printer problem. Experts will provide you an instant and exact solution for Brother Printer issues.