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AT&T Email Sending Error

Emails are incredibly convenient simply because they are incredibly fast. It only takes a couple of seconds for messages to go across the country. AT&T is a very popular email service provider and has millions of users around the world. But for all its popularity it is not completely error-free. AT&T users do occasionally feel the need to call the ATT customer care number for technical assistance regarding their email accounts.

Among the different errors AT&T users face, an email sending error is the most common. While trying to send an email through your AT&T email id you must have seen an error message that reads “Sorry, unable to send your message”. AT&T users will recognize this as Error Code 475. This sort of ATT email sending error restricts your ability to communicate via email. This article gives you a brief insight into the causes behind these sending errors and will also help you to resolve the errors.

What cause AT&T email sending errors?

It always helps to know more about the causes of a problem to begin figuring out how to solve that problem. These are the possible causes of AT&T email sending errors:

  • Bad internet connectivity: Without a strong and stable internet connection you will not be able to send emails using your AT&T account.
  • Account Blocked: AT&T does its best to protect users against suspicious online activity. It is possible your account may have been blocked because of such activity.
  • Span Folder: Check to make sure your emails are not being directed into the spam folder.
  • Server Issue: It is possible that the AT&T email server might be busy, which may be the cause of the problem.

How to fix AT&T email sending errors?

It can be really frustrating when you encounter an email sending error while using your AT&T account especially if the mail you want to send is urgent. But you need not to worry, there are some very simple troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix the issues and resume sending emails. Remember to perform the steps in the order given below:

  • Update your system and device driver
  • Check to make sure you are using the latest version of the browser
  • Clear the cache and cookies on your browser and delete the browser history
  • Check your internet connection and upgrade the speed if you need to
  • Filter and block emails from unknown email addresses
  • Resend emails without adding too many attachments
  • Delete your older emails that are not required
  • Try sending the emails using a different internet browser

If you go through all the steps mentioned above you should be able to send emails from your AT&T account without any difficulty. However, if the problem still persists you can call the ATT customer support number to resolve any technical malfunction that may have caused the error. It will be helpful if you spoke to a trained expert to make sure your AT&T account is secure and the AT&T sending email error is not because of any security issue.


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