Can I get Email Gold if I have a MAC.?

Yes! You can use Email Gold in your Apple Mac system.

AOL mail gold is available for Mac as well as windows. It provides great features like making

AOL is a leading service provider from apple it has a great interface which keeps the users always attracted to it. So call right now on Email Customer Support and get your Email account setup.With Email users get to send formal emails as well as send text messages to their friends and family. Email is a perfect amalgamation of the new text service and older email service technology. This question is common in the mind of the users that ‘Am I eligible for Email Gold if I have a Mac ComputerCan I download Email Gold for Mac, Email Gold for Mac, upgrade Email Gold software for mac? etc  Email can get you to make groups of people as per your preference and choice. This mail allows you to work with your other email addresses and add them into your Email Gold so that you don’t have to check many email addresses but instated you have to check only one.

AOL is known for its unlimited email storage capacity, while other service providers give only 5 MB of attachments capabilities Email has got up to 25 MB of data saving capability.

With Email you have the option to use POP, SMTP, IMAP protocols.

AOL gold provides you features like:

  • Enhanced speed and security.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Easy transition from the previous version.

To install Email gold into your system follow following steps

  • Open Safari browser.
  • Log in to your Email account.
  • Visit
  • Click on download now icon
  • Click on the icon and download Email to your MAC
  • Clock on Email icon file you just downloaded
  • Click on continue option on the download dialogue box.
  • Click continue on Email desktop information and license agreement
  • To install software click agree
  • Click install
  • Type your credentials (username and password).
  • Close the dialogue box
  • Your Email desktop gold is installed

In case you still have any hiccups in the process you can call Email Customer Support to download Email desktop gold for Mac

And get your issue resolved.

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