How to Download and install the AOL Desktop Software?

We are in advanced age where everyone requires hi-tech gadgets and services and AOL is counted among the safest email service providers company which is based on very sophisticated technology. The users are required to download and install to utilize its features. If the users face some error such as ‘unable to download and install AOL Email’ they can follow the instructions as we are providing over here and if they failed to do so then they have one more option to resolve the issue through AOL Email Customer Care Support Number  and their issue will be resolve within a short span of time.

The users have to follow the below mentioned instructions to download and install the latest AOL Desktop Software:

  1. In the beginning the users are required to Visit the official website of AOL to download AOL Desktop
  2. The users can find the link under AOL Desktop for Windows, where they have to click on Download option to start the download AOL Desktop.
  3. Now the users can open the file and they have to click on Run.
  4. If the users are using Windows XP, then they have to click on Run If they are using Windows 7, 8, or 10, or Vista and are prompted by the User Account Control window, then they are required to click Yes or Continue.
  5. The AOL Desktop installer will launch automatically and begin downloading necessary files for installation. The users can minimize this and let it download in the background by clicking on Minimize option. If the users wish to quit the download process, please click on the Quit Now.Note: If the users do not see this message then they have to move on to the next step.
  6. If the users already have a previous version of the AOL Desktop Software installed on their computer, then they are required to select on Upgrade Existing Version to copy their email, address book settings, etc. to the latest version AOL Desktop Gold. The users are required to select their previous version from the drop-down provided to make it sure that AOL copies over user’s correct data. If the users don’t already have a version of the AOL Desktop software on their computer, and then select Install New Version. After selecting an option, and after that they have to click on Continue.
  7. Now the users are required to select their preferred software settings by checking the corresponding check boxes and then click on Continue option.
  8. Now the users are required to review your selected settings.
  9. After that they have to select the folder in which they want to install the AOL Desktop Software by clicking Change Location.
  10. Now we are towards final steps as once the users finished, then they have to click Install Now. Once installation completes, the AOL Desktop Software will run.

According to the solution which we have provided above  the users are required to follow the instruction very strictly and if they failed to do so then they are required to have assistance through AOL Email tech support number where there all issues will be resolved on an instant basis and without any hassle.

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